Christmas is next week?

I cannot believe that Christmas is a week away!  December has been a fickle month with the weather.  We have had rain, snow, sleet, 60 degree weather, and below zero weather.  Maine, as always, is not sure what it wants.  I think that is why I cannot believe that we will celebrate Christmas so soon.  I feel short changed on the  lead up to the holidays.

I have been trying to maintain my creative streak.  I sometimes don’t get a chance to work on anything but this week I was able to squeeze in two illustrations of a Cotton Tail Rabbit and a Cardinal.  I might give the Cardinal to my Grandmother, she loves those red birds!


Snow Day

The call came in at 5:15 a.m…….no school. I looked out my window with blurry eyes and saw no snow falling. Boo. It felt like an eternity, but I fell back asleep and awoke to find snow falling from the sky. I thought about skiing. I thought about it a lot. I should have gone, but I figured me and my jeep best stay off the roads. I think I made a wise choice, although it would have been great to get on my skis before River Runners starts this weekend.

So today, I chose to work on some of my own work and get some Christmas gifts finished. Maybe drink some more coffee and cuddle with my dog on the couch. See you all on the slopes this weekend!

New Stuff

My brain has been full of so many ideas lately!  I have been trying to get the ideas on paper when I can.  Not in the middle of teaching a class of course, but often, that is when and where an idea sparks.   It is so great to finally have my creative juices flowing again… has been a long time.

Inspiration has been popping up everywhere!  A few amazing blogs by other artists, my students, and music.  Hopefully this will continue to grow and I will keep nurturing it!

An illustration idea in my moleskine sketchbook, micron pen, and winsor newton travel watercolor

Another illustration idea in my moleskine

Holiday card idea