Snow(well mixed snow/sleet/rain) Day!

The sound of a large machine woke me from a sound sleep this morning.  My clock read 11:40am!  I haven’t slept in that late in sooooooooo long.  I finally felt whole again.  I have worked every day since January and it has taken a huge chunk of my energy, sanity, and self away.  I am glad to have me back again.   I forgot how important it is to make sure that you take time to just rest and relax.  Thank goodness for snow days!

Pepper and I quickly headed outside to move the jeep, it was the plow guy that woke me up.   With Pepper watching from inside the warm and dry jeep, I cleared off the very heavy and wet snow.  We headed for our walk and I realized how great I felt.  I didn’t feel tired or bogged down.  I felt light and free!

After our morning (well really afternoon) errands, I settled onto the couch with coffee in hand and the latest edition of Artful Blogging.  Let the inspiration begin!  OMG, all of the ways lovely people are creating has me itching to make some new artwork!  I also took a internet browsing walk over to my new favorite artist blog, Kelly Rae.  She is a ray of sunshine!  I don’t even know her, but adore her!  I even sent her an email letting her know just that!

So, hopefully, my  next post will include pics of some new stuff!  Stay tuned….


3 thoughts on “Snow(well mixed snow/sleet/rain) Day!

  1. I love you and your creative soul. I so know what you mean about feeling free and light with no worries. Life is crazy and we need these little gifts. Glad you enjoyed your day of peace. xo

  2. I’m so glad that you had a relaxing and free day-you deserve one! Those unexpected days off are sometimes the best gifts ever! I can’t wait to see pics of all your creations-you are an amazing artist, skier, and friend!

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