New Pens and Markers

I think I might have found a new obsession.  I absolutely adore using my pens and markers right now.  I have been very attracted to using patterns within my work and have found that my Staedtler pens and new Faber Castell pens are perfect for the job.   Now I don’t know if I am in love with what I am creating, but it is a fun process none the less.

I do miss working with Jake and Pepper as subject matter though.  I will have to re-visit those two cute puppy dogs again soon.  They just have the funniest personalities to try and capture on paper.  Jake was much easier to illustrate with his folded ear and fun little tail.  Pepper on the other hand, is my challenge.  Maybe it is because she is my dog and I know her so well.

San Francisco Imagination

Height of Land-but ended up looking like something else

On another note, the ski season has come to an end for me.  Not only is my ankle telling me to slow down but the snow has quickly melted away up at Sunday River and I can’t bear to ski between mud patches  and grass.  I would rather call it a season and count down the days to next season.  For now, I am fine with allowing Spring to breeze in and make everything green again.

My last day of skiing, well I only took one run folks, was enjoyed with some great friends and my wonderful mom!  We enjoyed margaritas and dancing.  It was a good time!


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