Turning 30!

A lot of people have a hard time turning 30.  I thought I was going to have a hard time with it as well.  It turns out that the hardest part for me wasn’t turning 30.  That was pretty easy.  The trouble I had was with being 29.  It was my last year in my 20’s.   I was going to enter into the 30’s age group.  With that comes a whole new set of expectations and rules that I wasn’t quite ready to deal with!

On my 29th birthday, I joked that it was going to be my last birthday.  I was going to be 29 forever!  I was pretty serious about it too.  I spent a few weeks worrying about the things I hadn’t accomplished yet in my life.   The things I figured I would have done before I turned 30.   Funny thing is, I also did things I wouldn’t have expected to ever happen, happened in my 20’s.  I could make a list of things I wanted to do before 30 but I have come to realize, it doesn’t matter what my age is.  I would rather look at what I have done and look forward to what I will do.

Actually, I was pretty happy to turn 30.  No, it wasn’t like turning 21.  No, I didn’t look forward to it at first.  Given that the last couple years have been pretty rough going, I started to look forward to my 30s.   Now after a week of being 30,  I am confident they will be better then many of my 20s.  I have a new set of goals, and a new way of looking at what life throws my way!    I figure, I survived some pretty tough things this past year.  I am pretty sure I can do anything at this point!

How can I complain about anything, when I had so much fun celebrating my birthday with such good friends!  It wasn’t a huge deal and I didn’t want to plan much.  Just wanted to get out of Bethel for the night and have some fun!

And to end my birthday weekend, the best part was celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom and sis.  I couldn’t ask for a better family.  Those two have been so supportive of my trials and tribulations this past year.  I know it has been tough for them to stand by and watch me struggle with choices and emotions.  My new approach to such matters has been difficult for them and I know they don’t really understand.  I’m not sure I do either.   It is just so great to know that they are there to lean on and listen when I am ready.  I am just not there yet.