Some more catching up

IMG_0285 by luvsnow.

Journal Entry on weather

IMG_0284 by luvsnow.

Journal: Patterns made with various markers and pens and ink pads

IMG_0283 by luvsnow.

Journal entry with black pens and watercolor crayons

Catch up is what i have been playing these last few weeks.  May is always so busy for me and I often times have to put my own creative explorations away while I take care of my day job responsibilities.

I have heard many Art Teachers say that they get so caught up in teaching, they forget to make his or her own art.   I discovered this was happening to me.  So, last year, I decided to make an effort to carve away time to make my own art.  It has been a lot of fun to find the creative juices again.  It has also been a huge struggle to motivate myself and figure out what to do.   Jeez, I can motivate and inspire children, but not myself!

So I have been digging to find something that I want to draw or paint.  Patterns and line are always fun for me to draw but lately I have been feeling like I need to stretch beyond that and find something new.  I also want to one day find my own signature style.  I feel like my work is all over the place.

Dreams for the future:  I want to open a studio so I can teach summer classes to children and adults.  I think it would be a fun challenge and would allow me to have a space to personally create too.  We will see……


4 thoughts on “Some more catching up

  1. Hi Tara:
    Caught your comment on Flying Lesson’s. Thought I’d pop over to your blog. Love your little sketches. I know what you mean about finding your own personal style. I’m all over the board too! I just love to many things, hehe.
    We share something in common, the painted adirondack chairs. I got my daughter (a very talented artist, she’s 24) to paint one for my friend who turned 50 a couple of years ago. It was a real hit. I love yours. I also grew up in a ski town. Fernie, BC, Canada. A little town in the South East corner of British Columbia.
    It’s nice to meet you Tara,
    take care…….carol

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