Summer vacation!!!

IMG_0281 by luvsnow.

Jake is ready for Summer and so am I!

The time is finally here, SUMMER VACATION!!  I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t ready for a break.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore all my students.  Really, truly, honestly I do!  There comes a time every year though, when I need a break to collect myself and regain my strength.  I need a little time to miss them and then I will be already to start a new year with fresh ideas and new energy!

What am I saying!  I don’t actually get a vacation….I work all summer at our school day camp!  Bahhh, what a short lived dream I just had.  I do get to work with the kids in a different way.  At camp it is a little more relaxed and I have WAY more fun because I get to be a bit more silly and build some wonderful friendships that being a “teacher” doesn’t always allow.

I have a few goals for the summer that go beyond my usual reading list, weekend get-aways, and family get togethers.  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to focus on getting myself into a “create my own artwork” mode!  I keep having this great dream where I am selling my own work and getting lots and lots of requests for artwork!  It makes me smile just thinking about it.  I also have this dream that one day I will have my own studio where I can teach private art groups during the summer.  I think a two week summer camp style class in my studio through out the summer would be great!  What you do you think?  I am not sure if I could get enough kids/parents interested in this, but I am gonna keep investigating and dreaming about it!


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