In Progress Painting

So, I have had all these ideas zooming in and out of my head the last few days.  All these various painting techniques to try, subject matter to paint, what I want to paint and what people will like.  Then I remembered that what I “want” to paint is more important right now then what others want me to paint or what others will like.  And that is confusing, I’m sure!  Just know, I am confused!  So many ideas and I am trying to keep up with them before they get lost in my busy brain.

Long story short, this is my most recent dive into the uncomfortable way of painting.  I want to try and add more drawing elements into my painting.  I am very attracted to loose, sketch-like lines and I am trying to figure out how to add them in with out losing the whimsical and child-like feeling.  I don’t want my work to become to dark or dramatic right now.  I want to really focus on the positive and childish way of creating!

Please let me know what you think of this piece!


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