No Matter Where I Go…

Acrylic and pens on canvas-“A Chip on my Shoulder”

Good morning to everyone!  Yesterday was a pretty emotional day for me.  I started off my with high hopes of a great start to my week and it was crushed.  I will not say too much because it has to do with work and I try not to share that part of my life on this blog.  All I will say is that I have realized that I can no longer keep putting as much energy into offering up so much help at school anymore.   I mean, I need to ask myself if offering to do so much is the best for my body and soul. I am not talking about my role as a teacher, I would do anything for my students.

I struggled through the rest of my day after the first half hour of my morning was spent trying to give myself a pep talk.  I felt defeated and frustrated and it was hard to snap out of it.  The minute my kiddos walked in to my room, I was able to ignore it.  That is until a close friend/teacher noticed my demeanor and asked what was wrong.  I wish I could hide my emotions better!   I was probably just being too sensitive to the whole issue.

My day continued to be crummy.  I went to the gym after our soccer game (my poor kiddos lost miserably, but worked really hard) and tried to work it out of my system.  I felt a little better by the time I got home.  A delicious meal of salmon, rice, and asparagus set me right to end my crummy day on the couch watching tv.

This morning I woke up feeling a little better.  Cranked Michael Franti’s newest album and sipped on some delicious coffee during my pretty ride to school.  The leaves are turning color and my drive was filled with rusty reds, crisp oranges, and bright yellows.   Today is going to be much better!


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