New drawings

I have been a busy bee drawing almost every day!  That is a huge accomplishment for me.  I often times get caught up only doing what I need to and forget to stop and spend time doing something I enjoy.  I was driving home from school one day and started paying attention to things that I usually just drive by.  It made me think about how much I miss day to day because I am used to it or just take it for granted.  Since that day, I have been making a point of paying attention to everything that happens.  It just amazes me how much we all miss when we just go through the motions of our daily lives.

I am also trying to fit “creative time” into my routine when I get home from work.  So far, so good.  Most of the time it is sitting on the couch with the tv on and my sketchbook and markers out on the coffee table.  I am pretty good at drawing and watching tv.  Not sure how I do it, but it works.

Drawing was always  more of a chore for me, mostly because I didn’t think I was ever really good at it.  This past year, I have discovered a style of drawing that works for me.  I always felt that drawing was suppose to be realistic and precise.  Well, after eight years teaching elementary art, I realized it is more fun and more challenging to draw with a more whimsical, child-like approach.

Hopefully I can get some more posts up with more snapshots of my work.  Enjoy!


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