SF/Oakland Day #1

My view of the clouds above Nebraska

I think the sky gods were smiling down on me today.  Well, maybe not at first.  I woke up at 3:45am at Caitlin’s.  She was so kind to put me up for the night and helped me print out my boarding pass.  I didn’t end up getting to sleep until 12am.  Hmmm…no wonder I am so tired right now.  I quietly got dressed and attempted to do something with my hair.  I was not successful!  Jumped in the jeep and headed to the airport.

I arrived a little early because of the new Airport security hoopla that had been in the news.  Everyone said I should get there early.  Well, I walked right up to Continental Kiosk and there was no line.  Checked my bag and walked up to the security.  Yes, there was a long line.  I was scared.  I was afraid it was all true.  The line moved so fast! I breezed through the line, emptied my belongings into the bins and walked through.

Well, if my luck wasn’t good already.  I had the entire row of seats to myself!  I was in the last row and it took me forever to get there.  I stowed my bag up above and sat down thinking my neighbors would be along shortly.  NOPE!  HAHAHA!  My row and the row next to mine had one passenger each.  Sweet deal considering I have the worst luck flying  My karma has changed!

View of the bay bridge from Treasure Island

I arrived safely at San Francisco International Airport and had great luck getting my baggage.  I walked up to the claim and the bags were coming out and my bag was the first one!  Juls picked me up with John and Mom in stow and we headed into the city for what Juls calls the “nickel tour”.  It is John’s first time here, so we headed out to Treasure Island to give him some photo opps.  The day was beautiful, with blue skies, and who knows what the weather in the bay area will bring.

We helped with some grocery shopping for tomorrow’s big Thanksgiving feast.  I will post more pics tomorrow!


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