SF/Oakland Day #3 and #4

This is gonna be a long one folks……but what a great two days I had!

Heading into SF on the Bay Bridge

Friday afternoon took us into the city for a little bit to drop off a phone and head down to Half Moon Bay.  We enjoyed the Pacific views that are so very different from the ocean views we get back on the East coast.  I just can’t get over the wide expanse of water and unobstructed shore lines.  The Maine coast of course is a rocky shoreline dotted with islands.   This view of the sore is something I could never get tired of seeing.  Maybe I should move here.

After a drive down to the Half Moon Bay area, we stopped at Sam’s Chowder House.  Yes, I know, we stopped at a place that specializes in New England Fare.  But it was good food and offered beautiful views.  I enjoyed a gigantic lobster roll, raw oysters, and fried calamari.  YUM!

View from Sam's

Now onto one of the best parts of my trip so far….my California family living in El Granada.  My Uncle Thomas and his wife Anne have a cute home on the hillside looking out at the ocean.   Yes, I am in love with the view.  I am love with all of it out here!

My cousins were there too!  I hadn’t seen my cuz, Colin, in quite a long time.  I missed his cute face.  It was great to see all three of them and hang out for a bit.  We all sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed each others company and some wine. I ended up staying overnight while Mom, John, and Juls headed back to Oakland.

Trevor took me out for some fun with a few of his friends home for the Turkey Break.  It was a great time of playing beer pong and flip cup.  I wasn’t great at first but after a round I was brought back my skills from the college days.  It was a lot of fun.

And I think I am going to call it a night.  I am so tired!  I only got a few hours of sleep last night and we had a full day today.  I will share day #4 tomorrow!


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