SF/Oakland Day #4

Day #4 started with breakfast in El Granada with the family.  Uncle Thomas cooked up some french toast, bacon, and coffee!  It tasted yummy and my belly needed it.  I forgot to have dinner the night before.  I blame it on the time warp.

Uncle Thomas, Trevor, Colin, friend Teo(sp?), and I jumped in the van and headed into SF for a visit to the SFMOMA.  We met Mom, Juls, and John there and enjoyed an afternoon of art viewing.  The random rain showers brought a lot of people into the museum so it wasn’t as enjoyable.  The Photography exhibit was so crowded!  Luckily my favorite pieces had few viewers and I was able to stand in front of Lichtenstein’s Cathedral pieces and stare.

We enjoyed a late lunch in the Museum's cafe

We ended the day with a walk through Chinatown.  I always love walking up the hill and then down into depths of Chinatown.  We marveled at the $1.99 t-shirts, the 70% of entire store discounts.  Uncle Thomas was his true silly self and was shouting out, “70% off, everything must go!”  I bought a few little gifts for my lovely ladies back home and bought myself a few cute things too!

We parted ways at Union square hungry and tired.  The square was bustling with people ice skating and enjoying the holiday lights.  I had such a great two days!  It was so fun to hang out with my cousins.  I wish I could see them more often.

And of course a trip to California wouldn't be complete without sushi for dinner! Yummy


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