Illustration Friday

I have been following Illustration Friday just to see what artists’ come up with for ideas.  I am not sure what inpsired me today, because it was a crazy day.  At lunch time, I was already drained and ready for the weekend, but had the strong urge to draw instead of eat my lunch.  So I took Surrender and immediately started to draw.  I was inspired by the idea of embarrassment.  When I am embarrassed, you know it, because my whole face turns red and all I want to do is hide.

So.. ta-dah!  Here is my idea of surrender!


Two Posts in one Week!

I know, it’s hard to believe, two posts in one week.  Very rare in my world.  I promised yesterday to post some pictures of my recent drawings.  I remembered my camera cord; so I had to post again!

I used a blue zig marker to draw this while I watched tv the other night.

My new Copic Multiliner SP.  LOVE IT!  With a glimpse of some sketches I did yesterday!

All the pens and things I use.  My colorful bag is filled with my Zig markers and Faber Castell Pitt Pens.   My travel Winsor Newton watercolor case.  The smaller case is a Sherpani eye glasses case that I use to carry my watercolors and drawing pens.

Just call me forgetful

Today, everything went wrong right from the start.  I forgot my scarf, and spend the whole day chilled.  I forgot to wear a belt and spent the entire day pulling my pants up, and overall just felt behind on everything.  Call me spaz today!

So the above picture is from photobooth because I FORGOT my cord that connects to my camera.   Trust me, I don’t like to put pictures of me in my blog posts, well sometimes I can’t help it.  Anyway, I had some pics of my newest drawings that I am waiting to find time to turn into paintings. (I should mention it has taken me all day to write this post too; I write a thought and then I have to do something else)

Over the last few months I have been trying to build my art supplies.  Every month I spend some funds at Dick Blick.  Where I live; there are no stores to buy supplies.  The closest is an hour and a half away and it is pretty pricey.  So I order online and have it shipped to me.

Speaking of materials; I have been playing around with different types of drawing pens and markers.  I have tried Micron, Staedtler, Sharpie, and Copic.  Overall, I have been most happy with Copic.  Micron is a close second, but I am not in love with the black.  It is more of a warm black and I seem to be more attracted to a cooler black.  Now, lets talk specifics on Copic.  I bought a couple of the Copic drawing pens, and the multi liners.  I LOVE the multi liner in .3, .5., and .8.  It is easy to make marks with and the width is perfect for me.   The drawing pens were a little more difficult to draw with.  Maybe it is me, the user, but I found it tedious to force a mark.

As for markers, I love my Zig Memory System writers.  They are dual ended, with a broad tip and a fine line tip.  I like the colors and the marks they make.  I use them to sketch with and also to draw into my paintings.  The marks they make on paint are translucent and add the right touch to my work.

I was inspired to write about this today because, I went almost two weeks with out a sketchbook.  Silly me, finished my last one, and didn’t have another on hand.  I was finally able to get to a craft store and stock up.  I couldn’t wait to sit down and draw.  Hopefully, I will be able to post a couple pics tomorrow!

Falling Snow

So far, I am sticking to my weekly posts!  Yay me!  Well this is a day late, but I blame it on the snow falling yesterday.  I started this yesterday morning after my last class of the day.   The snow was gracefully falling from the sky.  The forecast predicted that Mother Nature had an angrier snowstorm in mind for later in the day with threats of freezing rain.  Well, the snow continued to fall in big white shapes all day and we were dismissed early from school.  So I put my blog post on hold so that I could enjoy an afternoon of play.

Before the snow storm, I enjoyed a much needed three day weekend.  I skied really hard with my River Runners on Saturday and Sunday.  We finally got a decent amount of snow; it was much needed on the mountain.  Saturday morning we skied at Barker and Spruce.  American Express and Right Stuff had some great snow and we carved out some great turns.  In the afternoon we traveled over to Jordan and Oz for a few runs on Eurkea, and Rogue Angel.

Sunday morning we skied at Aurora Peak; with a two runs on Vortex and couple runs on Airglow and Black Hole.  I was very proud of my River Runners.  They will be taller then me pretty soon, but man, they are really good skiers!  They make me laugh and push my buttons at the same time.

With all the skiing I have been getting in; I have also been drawing up a storm. Haha!  Still trying to stay focused with my creative ideas and manage to get in some creating time every day.  It may only be for a few minutes or a couple hours.  Here is my latest watercolor drawing.  Mostly just a study for a future painting. I actually went back and made the girls dress more orange.  There wasn’t much difference between it and her skin.  I just didn’t get a chance to re-take the photo.

Some new artwork

Together, mixed media

Well, as usual, time has lapsed between posts!  December flew by with lots going on.  On top of hosting Christmas parties and finishing up the holiday shopping, I also started River Runners at Sunday River again.  I missed my kiddos so much.  They really aren’t kiddos anymore though, a few of them might be taller then me pretty soon.  Pre-Teenagers…….oh jeez, lots of energy and lots of socializing.  Should be a great season, I just wish we had more snow! Please?!

For holiday gifts, I made my girlfriends each a piece of artwork and some cute ceramic miniature houses.  It was so much fun to settle into the creative process for a few weeks.  I also left all my materials scattered around the apartment.  I don’t have a studio space to work in.  I set up shop on the kitchen island and that means I have to pick up after myself after each session.  Very annoying when you aren’t really done with a project.  So, for the holiday madness, I decided to ignore the mess and the anxiety I feel around it for a couple weeks so that I could get some things done.  It also helped to have a deadline!

The above picture is just one of the 9 pieces I made.  I went with a theme about women and the courage to believe and live our lives fully.  I used various mixed media techniques and lots of various materials.  My favorites were my Zig writer pens, Copic pens, Golden acrylics, and various stamps.