Some new artwork

Together, mixed media

Well, as usual, time has lapsed between posts!  December flew by with lots going on.  On top of hosting Christmas parties and finishing up the holiday shopping, I also started River Runners at Sunday River again.  I missed my kiddos so much.  They really aren’t kiddos anymore though, a few of them might be taller then me pretty soon.  Pre-Teenagers…….oh jeez, lots of energy and lots of socializing.  Should be a great season, I just wish we had more snow! Please?!

For holiday gifts, I made my girlfriends each a piece of artwork and some cute ceramic miniature houses.  It was so much fun to settle into the creative process for a few weeks.  I also left all my materials scattered around the apartment.  I don’t have a studio space to work in.  I set up shop on the kitchen island and that means I have to pick up after myself after each session.  Very annoying when you aren’t really done with a project.  So, for the holiday madness, I decided to ignore the mess and the anxiety I feel around it for a couple weeks so that I could get some things done.  It also helped to have a deadline!

The above picture is just one of the 9 pieces I made.  I went with a theme about women and the courage to believe and live our lives fully.  I used various mixed media techniques and lots of various materials.  My favorites were my Zig writer pens, Copic pens, Golden acrylics, and various stamps.



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