Dreaming Big Wish list

I think I can scratch a few things off my wish list that I created a few months back.  This is empowering to do and I wanted to share it with you.

I decided to take the Mondo Beyondo ecourse.  It was a very useful tool for me to stretch my wings and focus on what I needed.  Not anyone else.  It was tough to think beyond what was right in front of me.  Even more difficult to put reason aside and just dream.  Dream Big.  Very motivating and still something I think about all the time now……

So I scratched out the things that I have successfully done or started to implement into my life.  I honestly smile so much these days.  I laugh a lot; at myself, with my friends, students, family.  I am truly happy with me as a person in this world.  I have a lot more I want to try and do, but couldn’t be more proud of my accomplishments so far.   I want to get up again each morning and see what the day will bring.   And ultimately…..i really do BELIEVE in myself.

illustrate childrens’ book ~travel to Paris and sit with Mona Lisa and dream more~move~ move somewhere warmer and sunnier~adopt~live in Italy for a month or 2 or 3 or more~learn how to speak a foreign language~go skydiving~help others dream big~sell my own art work~find my style of art making~love fiercely~be loved fiercely~have children~own a home on a lake~become an illustrator~see my artwork in a magazine~visit Hawaii or live there~visit Australia, Greece, South America, Jamaica, Africa~be sexier~be funnier~win millions and give most of it away but live comfortably~love again~heal my broken heart~be a lover~become happier~live each day with excitement~laugh more~ laugh everyday~ smile more~ find that energy that wakes me up each day~fix the education system~learn how to scuba dive~learn how to surf~meet Drew Barrymore and become great friends~accept others shortcoming~accept my own flaws~make friends easier~learn how to ballroom dance~become an event planner~truly believe in myself again~


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