So the ski season has been over for about 2 months for me after I tore my ACL.  I can tell you, it was very very very hard to let these kiddos go with a month left of skiing.  These kids mean so much to me, they are one of my lifelines that keep me going.  They have seen me through the struggle to keep my marriage alive, the realization that it was over and the steps to healing my heart.

Every weekend, I looked forward to skiing with these crazy kids.  I would come up with what I wanted to work on for ski tactics and drills.  Create a fun way to implement it so that these middle school kids didn’t feel like they were actually learning!  From windy days with bitter chill driving us in for breaks that might have lasted too long, to snow ball fights and screaming down Kansas as fast as possible, to laughing so hard at each other… has been a blast.

The day that I fell, had been a great day so far.  We were nearing the end of our day at the top of Barker Peak and heading to Ecstasy.  My group was flanking me on both sides and holding poles, when suddenly one of my kiddos ski got caught under mine.  As she pulled her ski away, my left ski was pulled away causing me to fall backward in a wedge.  I twisted my right knee and instantly felt pain.  I was able to use all my core strength to get up with tears in my eyes and ski away.  In the poorest ability, I skied down and finished the day.  Little did I know I would wake up the next morning realizing I couldn’t bear much weight on my right leg.

It ended my ski season with my kids a bit early.  I had to let go of them before I was ready and share them with another coach.  Luckily it was a good friend of mine who has a similar way of coaching and tolerance for the energy my group has.  He filled in nicely, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  The sad part for me, was this is/was my last season with this group.  4 seasons together makes it hard to say goodbye.  Next season I get a young, new group.  I look forward to it, but will miss these crazy kiddos that are actually now teenagers!

So I ended up tearing my ACL. I was able to get around on my own with the help of a brace but surgery was pending.  I pushed it off in order to complete all my art show obligations for school.  April Vacation had me in for surgery and home healing for 2 weeks.

I go back to work on Monday…..happy to be back on my own feet again.  I already have been cleared to only use crutches and the immobilizer at school.  I am ahead of physical therapy already and I am driven to keep the momentum going….I want to get some hiking in before the summer is over.  In fact, I already have some hikes in mind……I think it is ok to have some goals!


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