Dreaming Big again!


I remember the day my friend Megan took this photo of my hands….it was really comedy hour as we are zipping along the road trying to catch the painted sky.  We finally decided it was best to pull over and try again.

My 31st year is coming to a close in just 8 days…..I almost forgot about it, that is how busy I have been the last few weeks.  I never forget my birthday, I love my birthday!  This year, I don’t have any huge plans, there is no planned trip to Portland to celebrate and there is really no urge to. Plus, my knee is not going to let me go out drinking and dancing.

In the past, my birthday was always something to look forward to.  As I thought about it today, I realized that I have had so much to look forward to everyday that I haven’t needed a specific event on the horizon to get me through.  How awesome is that!?

It really has been a great year for me.  I started Grad school and did a lot of personal healing.  I dove into a new business with the drive to make it big!  I have had lots of moments where I was so proud and happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my ups and downs.  Bravery has been my motto.  It has been hard to admit my faults from my past and learn from them and even harder to move on from them.  I reached a point this past year where I was finally ready to open my heart again to the possibility of meeting someone. Entering the dating world again has been tough.  My self esteem has increased, decreased, increased again, decreased.  UP AND DOWN, like a roller  coaster…..it has been scary.  So scary to open up and let someone in again. I’m staying strong, I still believe that I am a beautiful, confident, adventurous woman.

And now let’s cross off some more from my wish list and add some more!

illustrate childrens’ book ~travel to Paris and sit with Mona Lisa and dream more~move~adopt~live in Italy for a month or 2 or 3 or more~learn how to speak a foreign language~go skydiving~help others dream big~sell my own art work~find my style of art making~love fiercely~be loved fiercely~have children~own a home on a lake~become an illustrator~see my artwork in a magazine~visit Hawaii~visit Australia, Greece, South America, Jamaica, Africa~be sexier~be funnier~win millions and give most of it away but live comfortably~be ready to love again~heal my broken heart~be a lover~become happier~live each day with excitement~laugh more~ laugh everyday~ smile more~ find that energy that wakes me up each day~fix the education system~learn how to scuba dive~learn how to surf~meet Drew Barrymore and become great friends~accept others shortcoming~accept my own flaws~make friends easier~learn how to ballroom dance~become an event planner~truly believe in myself again~become successful with R+F~Backpack the AT~See the Grand Canyon~Run a marathon~


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