Time to cross more off my list……


Imageillustrate childrens’ book ~travel to Paris and sit with Mona Lisa and dream more~move~adopt~live in Italy for a month or 2 or 3 or more~learn how to speak a foreign language~go skydiving~help others dream big~sell my own art work~find my style of art making~love fiercely~be loved fiercely~have children~own a home on a lake~become an illustrator~see my artwork in a magazine~visit Hawaii~visit Australia, Greece, South America, Jamaica, Africa~be sexier~be funnier~win millions and give most of it away but live comfortably~be ready to love again~heal my broken heart~be a lover~become happier~live each day with excitement~laugh more~ laugh everyday~ smile more~ find that energy that wakes me up each day~fix the education system~learn how to scuba dive~learn how to surf~meet Drew Barrymore and become great friends~accept others shortcoming~accept my own flaws~make friends easier~learn how to ballroom dance~become an event planner~truly believe in myself again~become successful with R+F~Backpack the AT~See the Grand Canyon~Run a marathon~

might be time to add more to my list!


Must slow down, but I am just trying to make each day the best….


I have been missing in action for months now!  Gah!  I am so sorry.  I would like to say it is because I have been traveling the world….but alas, I have just been busy with school, work, and the other things I put on my already full plate.

My summer was different.  I cannot say it was horrible or boring.  Just different.  In fact, looking back, I can see that I went to an internal place of reflection and thought process.  I was tired of sharing with people how one disappointment after another kept landing on my path.  I didn’t want to share that I was tired of always being let down or discouraged.  Now, I look at it as a true test to how much healing I have done over the last year.  Not to say that there were not moments of frustrated tears, but instead of throwing up the flag, I met each challenge head on.

It took me a long time to finally feel ready to trust and let another person have access to my heart again.  I tried over the winter and into the spring.  And met a challenge that placed me right back into  a walled up fortress.  Over the summer, I let the walls down again.

Part of letting the walls down had to do with the hearts I kept finding across my path this summer.  A heart rock to me is a sign…..