A quick trip


So, I’m sitting at the Portland jet port waiting for my flight to Detroit and then on to San Francisco. Needless to say, the waiting allows me time to ponder about life. Ha!

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything here and really I have awesome excuses. The biggest, ahem, excuse is that I changed jobs. I’m still in the teaching realm but changed grade levels. I’m now teaching high school and I love it. This was what I needed, change. It has been challenging and exciting and exhausting.

So what really inspired this post….well honestly it was because I shared my blog with a new person last night and realized this place had been neglected by me. I mean a blog isn’t really a big deal to most but it has been my place to share with strangers and family. It also is my place to just purge my feelings and ideas.


I don’t have much more to share at this point. I will say I’ve been smiling a lot the last week or so. Conversations I have had are the cause and I finally feel like just maybe it’s time…..



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