Wind will send my dreams flying

I was about to say good morning, but it is clearly afternoon!  I might have slept in this morning.  I didn’t get to bed until after midnight, so I think it is ok that I slept until 11am!   I needed it, I didn’t do much teaching in a classroom this week, but it was eventful!  Went off with the 5th grade to work on leadership and team building skills at 4-H camp and then off to a conference yesterday.  Phew!

Haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and work on some creative endeavors.  I did sit down today to work on a gift for my friend Stephanie.  She is getting married today!  So happy for her and Brian!  It will be a fun time this afternoon celebrating with all my friends!

Above is a glimpse of my kitchen island where I worked on a watercolor painting for the love birds.  I am waiting for it to dry so that I can add the last details and then mat it!  I really hope they like it!  I wish both of them love everyday, unexpected kisses from each other, smiles from across the room, fun filled days, quiet moments, spur of the moment adventures, and humor to keep them going.


No Matter Where I Go….I have supportive Friends

Micron pen 8x10" sketchbook drawing

Hey everyone, thanks for the supportive comments on facebook after my last post.  It means a lot to know I have such great friends that care!  I don’t have many emotional days anymore but a few sneak in here and there and it helps me to get my feelings out.  I have had a much better couple days and feel very inspired.

I have a strong desire to sit down and create.  Lots of ideas brewing and no time to place them on paper.  My schedule is frantic these days.  Hopefully I can find some down time tonight to work at home.  Probably not but it doesn’t mean I wont try.  Christmas is right around the corner and my goal is to make things for close friends and family members.  I better get working because the ski season is quickly coming and we all know that when the snow flies I want to be making turns on the snow.

Thanks again for all the positive energy you have sent my way!

A New Direction

I had painted this large canvas a few weeks back with greens and blues.  I wanted to explore different techniques that would create various textures.  I smeared glue on the surface and then let it dry a little before I painted on top of it.  It created a really fun crackling surface that you can see in the blue sky.  I also used some saran wrap to create some fun texture in the tree and grass.  After that, the painting sat by my door awaiting a spark of creativity from me.  It stared at me, I stared at it and we played this game until I finally had the courage to try painting something new.  I wanted to add something whimsical and very child like.  So I dove into my sketchbooks and found a drawing I had done last year of two kids.  It was very cartoon-like but I enjoyed the simplicity of my drawing.  So I added them into my painting and changed a few things to make the couple look a bit older.  I also wanted to add some fun owls in love perching in the tree.  I am pretty happy with the outcome.  I might work on the house a little more.  It doesn’t feel finished yet.  I am proud of myself for going in a different direction with my painting and adding in my love for illustration.  The use of acrylic paint and markers was a fun exploration!  Tell me what you think?

I forgot how busy summer is

Mixed Media 6"x6" Let Your Dreams Take Flight

It is hard to believe that it is August and I haven’t posted to my blog at all!  I am so busy during the summer playing with my friends and basking in the carefree and very flexible schedule I have during the summer months.    I haven’t even thought about my blog because I have been out dancing with my ladies a couple nights a week or laying in the sun or enjoying sushi on Sunday nights.  I should feel bad about the neglect of my blog, but I have been having way too much fun.  I think it was a much needed break to re-energize my soul and soak up the sun!

There are only two more weeks left before I have to enter back into my school schedule.  It makes me sad, I wish I could find a way to still have a more relaxed work week.  It is so hard to be in school all day and let go of my “responsibilities” and still go out with the girls and be able to get up at 6 a.m.   Maybe I can compromise with myself……stay tuned.

I will have to get into my classroom soon and start figuring out what I will teach this year.  I am pretty sure that will be put off until the last moment, I just don’t want to be stuck in my classroom when I might be missing out on something fun in the sun!

Valentine Designs

Quick post to show you two pieces I created for Valentines Day!  I am looking forward to skiing all next week and taking a break from the classroom.  I also have a picture of a piece of art I created when I was 11 years old.  I gave it to my Grandmother because she loves loons.  Well, she gave it back to me for Christmas and it has been proudly displayed in my classroom.

Snow Day

The call came in at 5:15 a.m…….no school. I looked out my window with blurry eyes and saw no snow falling. Boo. It felt like an eternity, but I fell back asleep and awoke to find snow falling from the sky. I thought about skiing. I thought about it a lot. I should have gone, but I figured me and my jeep best stay off the roads. I think I made a wise choice, although it would have been great to get on my skis before River Runners starts this weekend.

So today, I chose to work on some of my own work and get some Christmas gifts finished. Maybe drink some more coffee and cuddle with my dog on the couch. See you all on the slopes this weekend!

busy, busy, busy

As usual, I have been a busy bee lately.  Soccer finished up and I figured I would have some free time to be able to work on my own art and maybe get ready for the upcoming ski season…..yea right!  I have fallen behind on my school blog too!  O well!  Here is a few pieces I have had waiting to be photographed.  Enjoy!