Dreams do come true

I have been painting almost everyday again! Inspiration seems to strike when I least expect it!
A friend asked for a painting and gave me a few ideas of what he liked. I have to say, they were a bit out of my comfort zone. After a lot of sketches and brainstorming, I decided to let go of planning and let intuition take over. I think I was able to successfully fuse his likes and my painting style together.



And the painting above has been a work in progress for a while now. I hated how it was coming together at first. It has transformed completely into another painting all together. Again, I have been approaching this with intuition and I am much happier with it. I finally feel like my dream of finding my own style is coming to fruition! So happy!
On another note, I think I have finally reached the end of my healing process after realizing one day that I was unhappy with my life. Of course everyday is a lesson for me but I think my outlook and approach is better now. I won’t be walked all over, I won’t put my dreams aside any more and I’m truly listening to my inner voice and trying to let that guide me. Did I mention, I can’t stop smiling lately?? So happy to finally feel that way again!


Exciting new adventures…..

Wow, I know it has been a few months!  I have been so busy lately with lots of new things happening in my life!  I promise it has been worth the wait!  I have finally reached a place in my life where I am happy with my outlook, I have an idea of what the heck I want to do with my life, and I feel like I am solidly standing on both feet.

I had a great winter skiing with my River Runner group until first day of February vacation.  I unfortunately completely tore my ACL.  That put a big damper on my ski season and I haven’t been on snow since.  Surgery in April will take me off my feet for a while but I look at it as an opportunity to finally get some rest!

I decided to join my very good friend, Megan, as a business partner working with Rodan + Fields dermatologist created skin care products!  I absolutely love the product!  My skin feels and looks spectacular and I know anyone else that tries it will feel the same.  I am hoping to recruit a few people to work with me so if you are interested or know of anyone…….drop me a line.  This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a way to supplement income or to find ways to create an opportunity where you can schedule your work around your life!  I am telling you….I was skeptical at first, but after researching and listening to business presentations and of course loving the product….I am a believer!  SERIOUSLY!

I also have been busy painting and really allowing my creativity to shift in new directions.  I am loving my newest painting, I was hoping to really work with layering but still include my love for patterns and bright colors.  This painting went a little darker then usual but it is a start!

It started out like this……….

And now looks like this……

New painting

Over the summer I was able to squeeze in a few paintings.  I really  need to increase the amount I do if I ever want to sell my work!  Actually, my apartment has become my own personal gallery.  I had my mama’s boyfriend photograph some of my work.   He is much more qualified then myself at that!  Now I just need to spend some money to get some prints made.  My fear is that no one will want any of my work!  Gah, that is my small fear!

Here is hoping I find more time to paint and I ignore my fear!  For now, enjoy my cute little painting!

Birthday wishes

I am still celebrating my big birthday as I plunge into my 30s’.  Last year was tough to turn 30, this time around it is even harder as I am now in my 30s.  GAH!  Here is wishing for a great year!

For my birthday this year, some of my closest friends and I went to Portland for the night.  It is actually not just my birthday but also my friend Riley’s.  How great is it to have two good friends sharing a special day together!?  The entire day was great!  From morning to end, I had a great birthday!

So we headed down to the “city” for sushi and drinks and then a night of dancing.  What a great time.  We even ordered up a limo to take all nine of us into town.  At dinner, I brought tears to the eyes of most as I toasted to all of them.  Thanking them for helping me through what has proven to be a difficult past year.  With out them, I am not sure I would have survived the tears and frustrations of carving a new path for myself.

I ended the weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with my sister and Mom.  We had a delicious lunch of tacos and yummy birthday cake compliments of my little sis in her new home!  She has become a lovely woman.  I am so proud of her.  She and her fiance have been working so hard to put their home together and I have small pangs of jealousy.  Small…..because I am in no place or desire to take on that responsibility!   Funny, I’m the older sister and seem to be taking longer to grow up!  HA!  Who would have thunk it right sis!

To end my post, I am sharing my most recent painting.  I adore it.  Seems to be the right infusion of whim and colorful appeal for anyone.

Color Inspiring

This week we are focusing on color in my painting class, Get Your Paint On.  One way to find colors that inspire you, is to go out in your area and take some pictures.  Well, right now, Maine doesn’t really have much for colors that inspire me.  It is winter.  I love winter, but when it comes to painting, I am drawn to brighter colors.  So I went off  in search of pictures with color schemes I like on the internet.  It has been a lot of fun.  Most of my pictures, I have been keeping at Pinterest.  I love this website, it is a great place to keep visual ideas.
Confetti System

Confetti Systems-Image found on Decor 8 blog

I love the colors from the Confetti System in the photograph above.  Lately I seem to gravitate towards pinks and greens.   I love how the two colors play off each other.  I just feel so happy when I look at those colors!


Image found on Decor 8 blog

I am enjoying my painting class.  It has been a very important motivation for me as an artist.  I am making myself find time to create every night when I get home from work.  That is a hard task when all I want to do is crash on the couch and recover from daily activities.  I also have found more time to draw during the day.

Get Your Paint On Week 1

I joined this online painting class called, Get Your Paint On.  I love it so far!  The course offers up inspiration from both artists’/teachers’ and tons of information about materials and subject matter.  There is even an artist interview thrown in to add another perspective.

This week we used Gee’s Bend Quilters from Alabama as inspiration.  I have always admired quilting for the craft but have never been very attracted to the designs….or so I thought.  I decided to start with my sketchbook and draft out some ideas.  I wasn’t sure how to work with blocks of color.  It seemed to simple for me….

I started just playing with my markers and colors I enjoyed.  After a bit of doodling, I started to play with the colors and how the shapes might layer each other to imply more shapes.  Of course, my sketches started to deviate from the original idea into more of a drawing idea.   Then, I decided to throw planning out the window.  It wasn’t working for me, I couldn’t translate any of my ideas onto paper with markers.

I decided to go back to the source of inspiration and look at more examples.  After exploring numerous images, I found myself loving the quilt designs that had many layers of shapes.  I was captivated by the way the space was manipulated with flat shapes of color.

I finally found the urge to paint some ideas.  I painted for a while and hated the first results.  I painted over my first attempt.  I was ok with it too, I have never had a tough time painting over an idea when it doesn’t work.  I gave up for the night and let my ideas stew in my head for a day.

We had a snow day on Wednesday and after finishing up report cards; I sat down and let my intuition kick in.  I painted some blue blocks.  I didn’t worry about perfect lines, I just let them form together on the panel.  I then painted coral colored shapes on top; allowing the blue shapes to peak through.   And then I added white shapes and scratched into the paint to add a drawing element.

Over all, I am very happy with it.  I might re-visit the painting and add something else to it.  For now, I am happy with the blocks of color and the layering.