New drawings

I have been a busy bee drawing almost every day!  That is a huge accomplishment for me.  I often times get caught up only doing what I need to and forget to stop and spend time doing something I enjoy.  I was driving home from school one day and started paying attention to things that I usually just drive by.  It made me think about how much I miss day to day because I am used to it or just take it for granted.  Since that day, I have been making a point of paying attention to everything that happens.  It just amazes me how much we all miss when we just go through the motions of our daily lives.

I am also trying to fit “creative time” into my routine when I get home from work.  So far, so good.  Most of the time it is sitting on the couch with the tv on and my sketchbook and markers out on the coffee table.  I am pretty good at drawing and watching tv.  Not sure how I do it, but it works.

Drawing was always  more of a chore for me, mostly because I didn’t think I was ever really good at it.  This past year, I have discovered a style of drawing that works for me.  I always felt that drawing was suppose to be realistic and precise.  Well, after eight years teaching elementary art, I realized it is more fun and more challenging to draw with a more whimsical, child-like approach.

Hopefully I can get some more posts up with more snapshots of my work.  Enjoy!


No Matter Where I Go….I have supportive Friends

Micron pen 8x10" sketchbook drawing

Hey everyone, thanks for the supportive comments on facebook after my last post.  It means a lot to know I have such great friends that care!  I don’t have many emotional days anymore but a few sneak in here and there and it helps me to get my feelings out.  I have had a much better couple days and feel very inspired.

I have a strong desire to sit down and create.  Lots of ideas brewing and no time to place them on paper.  My schedule is frantic these days.  Hopefully I can find some down time tonight to work at home.  Probably not but it doesn’t mean I wont try.  Christmas is right around the corner and my goal is to make things for close friends and family members.  I better get working because the ski season is quickly coming and we all know that when the snow flies I want to be making turns on the snow.

Thanks again for all the positive energy you have sent my way!

Summer vacation!!!

IMG_0281 by luvsnow.

Jake is ready for Summer and so am I!

The time is finally here, SUMMER VACATION!!  I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t ready for a break.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore all my students.  Really, truly, honestly I do!  There comes a time every year though, when I need a break to collect myself and regain my strength.  I need a little time to miss them and then I will be already to start a new year with fresh ideas and new energy!

What am I saying!  I don’t actually get a vacation….I work all summer at our school day camp!  Bahhh, what a short lived dream I just had.  I do get to work with the kids in a different way.  At camp it is a little more relaxed and I have WAY more fun because I get to be a bit more silly and build some wonderful friendships that being a “teacher” doesn’t always allow.

I have a few goals for the summer that go beyond my usual reading list, weekend get-aways, and family get togethers.  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to focus on getting myself into a “create my own artwork” mode!  I keep having this great dream where I am selling my own work and getting lots and lots of requests for artwork!  It makes me smile just thinking about it.  I also have this dream that one day I will have my own studio where I can teach private art groups during the summer.  I think a two week summer camp style class in my studio through out the summer would be great!  What you do you think?  I am not sure if I could get enough kids/parents interested in this, but I am gonna keep investigating and dreaming about it!

New Pens and Markers

I think I might have found a new obsession.  I absolutely adore using my pens and markers right now.  I have been very attracted to using patterns within my work and have found that my Staedtler pens and new Faber Castell pens are perfect for the job.   Now I don’t know if I am in love with what I am creating, but it is a fun process none the less.

I do miss working with Jake and Pepper as subject matter though.  I will have to re-visit those two cute puppy dogs again soon.  They just have the funniest personalities to try and capture on paper.  Jake was much easier to illustrate with his folded ear and fun little tail.  Pepper on the other hand, is my challenge.  Maybe it is because she is my dog and I know her so well.

San Francisco Imagination

Height of Land-but ended up looking like something else

On another note, the ski season has come to an end for me.  Not only is my ankle telling me to slow down but the snow has quickly melted away up at Sunday River and I can’t bear to ski between mud patches  and grass.  I would rather call it a season and count down the days to next season.  For now, I am fine with allowing Spring to breeze in and make everything green again.

My last day of skiing, well I only took one run folks, was enjoyed with some great friends and my wonderful mom!  We enjoyed margaritas and dancing.  It was a good time!

Reach for the Stars

The past couple weeks have been difficult.  It has been hard to maintain a positive attitude when life seems to keep throwing curve balls my way.

My stepmother passed away a couple weeks ago.  She was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and lost the battle after only seven months.   When something like that happens to anyone, you feel it is not fair.   With Faye, it seemed extremely unfair.  She was the kindest person I have ever met.  Her devotion to anyone in her life was never questioned.  She loved fiercely and everyone that met her instantly adored her.     I feel short changed, because I only knew her for seven years.

It is one of those love stories you hear about.  Faye and my Dad had known each other since they were kids and after high school lost touch with each other.  Thirty-five years later at their high school reunion, they found each other and fell in love.    It was the kind of love most people spend their entire lives looking for.   For my sister and me, we felt that Dad had finally got what he deserved.  Happiness.

It seems unfair, that my Dad’s love story was cut short.   I look at him and see how lost he is with out her.  When she finally let go, my dad sobbed.  He picked her up in his arms and wrapped her arms around him.  It is unfair that Faye’s life was cut short.  The hundreds of people that showed up to pay tribute to her life demonstrated the impact she had on everyone’s life.   As her best friend said, she may not be physically with us anymore,  but she will live on forever in our hearts.  Our smiles will be a reflection of her impact on our lives.

After lots of reflection on Faye’s life and how she chose to spend it, I realized that I hope to spend my life the same way.  I hope to make people smile and treat them with the same amount of kindness.   I know that it takes a special kind of person to create that kind of life.   I may not be able to do it just like Faye, but I am sure gonna try.

Journal entries

I feel so much better today!  I wasn’t sure if school was a great idea last night, but this morning I awoke with a much better feeling in my throat and my head!

Last night I couldn’t sleep….go figure.  So I worked in my journal and created some new entries.  I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and have felt the need to write down anything that keeps me positive.

Plagued by illness and injury

Have you ever had strep throat?  This is my first time with the very uncomfortable, almost too painful for words, sore throat.  I woke up Monday morning with what I thought was the sore throat segue into cold thing.  Tuesday morning, my throat felt small and it was difficult to swallow.  It brought tears to my eyes every time I had the need to swallow!  Now eating or drinking, well forget it!  I think I have lost 5 pounds since Monday.  I’m ok with that!   Well, on my drive to school, I started thinking about what might be wrong with me and strep came to mind.  At school, I quickly researched symptoms online.  Looked at my throat in the mirror and saw white patches…..ew!  Decided I best be getting out of school and called the doctors.

Luckily the doctors were able to squeeze me in for a check on my throat.  The doctor said my throat didn’t look happy.  You think?  They did a throat culture that confirmed it.  24 hours after taking penicillin, I feel so much better.  It still is uncomfortable to swallow or eat, but nothing like yesterday!

O yea, and did I mention that I have been dealing with an ankle sprain for a couple months?  I was afraid to have it looked at.  i don’t want them to tell me I can’t ski.  So I have been taping it and doing my best to ignore the pain.  Well I finally got an air cast for it yesterday and it already feels much better.  I think I should have looked into that cast a long time ago!

With all that has been going on, I did manage to make a new illustration!  I finally feel like I have captured Pepper’s personality in this illustration!  Let me know what you think!


Yay! It’s Friday! Last week it felt like we were finally having winter. This week it feels like spring! I have my classroom window open and can hear the kiddos yelling at recess. I don’t think I am ready for those sounds or for spring yet. I want to keep skiing! I want more snow!

This afternoon I will be performing the dance moves to Thriller with my 4th and 5th graders. We learned the dance at Summer camp. It took a lot to learn it and the kids wanted to have an encore. Why not! It was so much fun to learn and it is nice to brag about!

Here are a few drawings I was able to squeeze in this week. The first drawing was for Illustration Friday. The topic was Perspective. Enjoy!

new moo cards

I ordered some mini business cards from Moo. This site allows you to upload your own images and use them for personal business cards. I was immediately smitten with the mini cards and was eager to upload my art work! They arrived last week and I couldn’t wait to start handing them out to everyone! Here is a couple flicks to show you what the package looked like and how fun the mini cards are.

I have been very interested in intricate patterns lately. I have found myself drawing in my usual way with a new found use of patterns. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday Pizza Night

During the winter months Tuesday nights are spent at the Matterhorn Ski Bar eating pizza and enjoying a drink with friends.   There are very few Tuesdays that  I have not spent there when the snow is flying.  I look forward to the opportunity to get out mid-week and socialize.  After leaving there last night, I was struck with an idea for a new illustration.  Well honestly, a few illustrations.  Let me know what you think.

These were some doodles in my sketchbook that developed into a design……i kinda like them.