You Can Dare to Take That Unspoken Dream Seriously

I have been working on this piece for a few weeks now.  I used collage elements as the base and relied on Golden Fluid Acrylics to add in other elements.  The piece sat there staring at me.  I was happy with the flowers and tree but felt there was something else to add.  The other day I was struck with a huge burst of creativity juices and decided to photocopy a picture of me when I was 2 and added it to the piece.  I also added Pepper, my dog, to include something present in my life.   Pretty happy with it!

Yesterday was another great day full of ideas.  I kept going to my journal to write down something, I was afraid I would probably forget them.  The minute I got home from school, I pulled out all my paints, and papers, and brushes and set to work.   It was a successful afternoon of creating, but I was disappointed with the end result.  I just can’t seem to make something that I feel expresses me.  I worked, and over worked a couple paintings and they turned out dark and moody.  I was hoping for happy and colorful.  I decided that my mood was the cause and created the effect.

I keep hoping every day will be another day of creative ideas just waiting to be used.  There are some days when I’ve got nothing.  I really, really, really want to find something that carries me away for a few weeks rather then have all kinds of little creative ideas that lead to a quick ending.  Usually with me not liking it.  Just gotta keep going and give everything a try.

“You can dare to take that unspoken dream seriously”


Plagued by illness and injury

Have you ever had strep throat?  This is my first time with the very uncomfortable, almost too painful for words, sore throat.  I woke up Monday morning with what I thought was the sore throat segue into cold thing.  Tuesday morning, my throat felt small and it was difficult to swallow.  It brought tears to my eyes every time I had the need to swallow!  Now eating or drinking, well forget it!  I think I have lost 5 pounds since Monday.  I’m ok with that!   Well, on my drive to school, I started thinking about what might be wrong with me and strep came to mind.  At school, I quickly researched symptoms online.  Looked at my throat in the mirror and saw white patches…..ew!  Decided I best be getting out of school and called the doctors.

Luckily the doctors were able to squeeze me in for a check on my throat.  The doctor said my throat didn’t look happy.  You think?  They did a throat culture that confirmed it.  24 hours after taking penicillin, I feel so much better.  It still is uncomfortable to swallow or eat, but nothing like yesterday!

O yea, and did I mention that I have been dealing with an ankle sprain for a couple months?  I was afraid to have it looked at.  i don’t want them to tell me I can’t ski.  So I have been taping it and doing my best to ignore the pain.  Well I finally got an air cast for it yesterday and it already feels much better.  I think I should have looked into that cast a long time ago!

With all that has been going on, I did manage to make a new illustration!  I finally feel like I have captured Pepper’s personality in this illustration!  Let me know what you think!

busy, busy, busy

As usual, I have been a busy bee lately.  Soccer finished up and I figured I would have some free time to be able to work on my own art and maybe get ready for the upcoming ski season…..yea right!  I have fallen behind on my school blog too!  O well!  Here is a few pieces I have had waiting to be photographed.  Enjoy!

I am going to give this a try

A lot of my friends and family have been interested in my work lately. I had been posting pictures to Facebook but I thought a blog would be a great way to show it off. Hope you enjoy!

000_0152From sketchbook: my little Pepper in watercolor

000_0153Section of sketchbook page. I have an obsession with Raccoons right now

000_0150I also have been absorbed with these little whimsical love birds