Falling Snow

So far, I am sticking to my weekly posts!  Yay me!  Well this is a day late, but I blame it on the snow falling yesterday.  I started this yesterday morning after my last class of the day.   The snow was gracefully falling from the sky.  The forecast predicted that Mother Nature had an angrier snowstorm in mind for later in the day with threats of freezing rain.  Well, the snow continued to fall in big white shapes all day and we were dismissed early from school.  So I put my blog post on hold so that I could enjoy an afternoon of play.

Before the snow storm, I enjoyed a much needed three day weekend.  I skied really hard with my River Runners on Saturday and Sunday.  We finally got a decent amount of snow; it was much needed on the mountain.  Saturday morning we skied at Barker and Spruce.  American Express and Right Stuff had some great snow and we carved out some great turns.  In the afternoon we traveled over to Jordan and Oz for a few runs on Eurkea, and Rogue Angel.

Sunday morning we skied at Aurora Peak; with a two runs on Vortex and couple runs on Airglow and Black Hole.  I was very proud of my River Runners.  They will be taller then me pretty soon, but man, they are really good skiers!  They make me laugh and push my buttons at the same time.

With all the skiing I have been getting in; I have also been drawing up a storm. Haha!  Still trying to stay focused with my creative ideas and manage to get in some creating time every day.  It may only be for a few minutes or a couple hours.  Here is my latest watercolor drawing.  Mostly just a study for a future painting. I actually went back and made the girls dress more orange.  There wasn’t much difference between it and her skin.  I just didn’t get a chance to re-take the photo.


So Much Snow

The snow was quickly disappearing at the Mountain. I was afraid the ski season was going to be a quick one. Well, mother nature dumped some snow on us over the last four days, and it has cast aside my worries.

What a great weekend! The skiing was phenomenal! The glades were open and I skied my heart out! My river runners were wiped, i was exhausted, and i had a grin from ear to ear.

It is weekends like this that remind me how important it is to stay true to what you love and makes you happy.

Snow(well mixed snow/sleet/rain) Day!

The sound of a large machine woke me from a sound sleep this morning.  My clock read 11:40am!  I haven’t slept in that late in sooooooooo long.  I finally felt whole again.  I have worked every day since January and it has taken a huge chunk of my energy, sanity, and self away.  I am glad to have me back again.   I forgot how important it is to make sure that you take time to just rest and relax.  Thank goodness for snow days!

Pepper and I quickly headed outside to move the jeep, it was the plow guy that woke me up.   With Pepper watching from inside the warm and dry jeep, I cleared off the very heavy and wet snow.  We headed for our walk and I realized how great I felt.  I didn’t feel tired or bogged down.  I felt light and free!

After our morning (well really afternoon) errands, I settled onto the couch with coffee in hand and the latest edition of Artful Blogging.  Let the inspiration begin!  OMG, all of the ways lovely people are creating has me itching to make some new artwork!  I also took a internet browsing walk over to my new favorite artist blog, Kelly Rae.  She is a ray of sunshine!  I don’t even know her, but adore her!  I even sent her an email letting her know just that!

So, hopefully, my  next post will include pics of some new stuff!  Stay tuned….