Falling Snow

So far, I am sticking to my weekly posts!  Yay me!  Well this is a day late, but I blame it on the snow falling yesterday.  I started this yesterday morning after my last class of the day.   The snow was gracefully falling from the sky.  The forecast predicted that Mother Nature had an angrier snowstorm in mind for later in the day with threats of freezing rain.  Well, the snow continued to fall in big white shapes all day and we were dismissed early from school.  So I put my blog post on hold so that I could enjoy an afternoon of play.

Before the snow storm, I enjoyed a much needed three day weekend.  I skied really hard with my River Runners on Saturday and Sunday.  We finally got a decent amount of snow; it was much needed on the mountain.  Saturday morning we skied at Barker and Spruce.  American Express and Right Stuff had some great snow and we carved out some great turns.  In the afternoon we traveled over to Jordan and Oz for a few runs on Eurkea, and Rogue Angel.

Sunday morning we skied at Aurora Peak; with a two runs on Vortex and couple runs on Airglow and Black Hole.  I was very proud of my River Runners.  They will be taller then me pretty soon, but man, they are really good skiers!  They make me laugh and push my buttons at the same time.

With all the skiing I have been getting in; I have also been drawing up a storm. Haha!  Still trying to stay focused with my creative ideas and manage to get in some creating time every day.  It may only be for a few minutes or a couple hours.  Here is my latest watercolor drawing.  Mostly just a study for a future painting. I actually went back and made the girls dress more orange.  There wasn’t much difference between it and her skin.  I just didn’t get a chance to re-take the photo.


Sunday River Night light

I know I say this at the end of every school year, but this year I can honestly say was by far the busiest for me!  Usually I have a clear idea of what I am going to paint on my ARTirondak chair for the Mahoosuc Arts Coucnil.  It took me forever to decide this time around.

Any form of idea was lost to me.  I pondered long and hard about it.  I knew I wanted it to be a winter theme but when you live in a ski area you don’t want it to be to much of a cliche or too cheesy.  I love winter as you probably know by now.  I wanted my idea to clearly demonstrate what Winter and snow mean to me.

I think a lot of why I had such a hard time starting the project was because I had taken on a lot of new projects this year.  My annual art show was a new format and proved to be a success.  It was an exciting challenge that seemed to occupy most of my creative mind.  I think that is why I spent an month staring at my chair wondering what to do and how to do it.

As you can see, I finally figured out what to paint on the wooden canvas.  It was a scary endeavor that left me worried it wouldn’t look right.  When you spend half your life at a paticular place, decidng to paint it is scary.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t capture the mountain accurately or would offend someone.  As much as it is clearly Sunday River, I tried to add a little bit of whimsical features to it also.  The snowflakes on the arms were so fun to add and it stays true to my love for adding illustrative patterns.  My last two chairs have the same type of element on the arms.

I am so proud of these chairs.  I miss them but know they are being enjoyed by wonderful supporters of the Mahoosuc Arts Council.    I wonder who will be the lucky winner of the newest additon to my collection.

Loonie 2008

Height of Land 2009