Birthday wishes

I am still celebrating my big birthday as I plunge into my 30s’.  Last year was tough to turn 30, this time around it is even harder as I am now in my 30s.  GAH!  Here is wishing for a great year!

For my birthday this year, some of my closest friends and I went to Portland for the night.  It is actually not just my birthday but also my friend Riley’s.  How great is it to have two good friends sharing a special day together!?  The entire day was great!  From morning to end, I had a great birthday!

So we headed down to the “city” for sushi and drinks and then a night of dancing.  What a great time.  We even ordered up a limo to take all nine of us into town.  At dinner, I brought tears to the eyes of most as I toasted to all of them.  Thanking them for helping me through what has proven to be a difficult past year.  With out them, I am not sure I would have survived the tears and frustrations of carving a new path for myself.

I ended the weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with my sister and Mom.  We had a delicious lunch of tacos and yummy birthday cake compliments of my little sis in her new home!  She has become a lovely woman.  I am so proud of her.  She and her fiance have been working so hard to put their home together and I have small pangs of jealousy.  Small…..because I am in no place or desire to take on that responsibility!   Funny, I’m the older sister and seem to be taking longer to grow up!  HA!  Who would have thunk it right sis!

To end my post, I am sharing my most recent painting.  I adore it.  Seems to be the right infusion of whim and colorful appeal for anyone.