Arrived early for an appointment, so I sat down and did a few drawings of dogs. It seems to help if I focus on one subject matter and keep drawing quick things.


New lamp


Hey, just wanted to show off my new lamp I found at TJ Maxx!!! What a find. Matches my room perfectly.

New painting

Over the summer I was able to squeeze in a few paintings.  I really  need to increase the amount I do if I ever want to sell my work!  Actually, my apartment has become my own personal gallery.  I had my mama’s boyfriend photograph some of my work.   He is much more qualified then myself at that!  Now I just need to spend some money to get some prints made.  My fear is that no one will want any of my work!  Gah, that is my small fear!

Here is hoping I find more time to paint and I ignore my fear!  For now, enjoy my cute little painting!